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TÍTULO: "Sound (& Fluid) - Structure Interaction application from hydrogen fusion reactor to bio-medical applications."

Palestrante: Dr. Eldad Avital, Associate Professor at the School of Engineering and Materials science at Queen Mary University of London, UK.

DATA: 17/08/2018, sexta-feira
HORÁRIO: 10 horas
LOCAL: Centro de Tecnologia, Bloco I-241.


Sound-structure interaction is a fundamental issue in a wide range of engineering applications. In this talk we will look at three relevant themes and several applications for each theme.
1 - The first theme is the fundamental sound scattering by shells and its interaction with the shell's structural dynamics. It will be shown that theoretically and under linear assumption, the shell's structural dynamics can be utilized to fully cloak the shell, i.e. completely suppresses the scattering of the incoming sound wave. An optimisation approach of significantly reducing the shell's acoustic signature will be discussed.
2 - The second theme is the use of non-linear acoustics and its interaction with structural dynamics to achieve plasma compression in the magnetized target fusion reactor design. Simulations using non-linear acoustic equation, CFD and structural dynamics approach will be explored for this purpose, showing how such compression can be achieved.  
3 - The third theme is bio-fluid problems where fluid-structure interaction has an essential part in the transport of the fluid such as in red blood cell (RBC) flow and ureteral peristalsis. It will be shown that by counting for the main interaction forces while using advanced simulation techniques, excellent agreement with experiments can be achieved both in RBC flows and ureteral peristalsis. Innovative ideas as assessing nasal blockage and mini blood pump design will be briefly discussed.

Short biography:
Dr. Avital is an associate professor at the school of engineering and materials science at Queen Mary University of London. His research in sound/fluid-structure interaction uses high fidelity simulations backed by experimental validations and has been supported by UK & EU research agencies. He collaborates with several academic research centers (as UFRJ), industry as General Fusion Canada and Givaduan UK, and clinical research centers at Whipps Cross University Hospital London and the Independent Hospital London. Dr. Avital is a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical society and a member of AIAA and EuroMech.


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